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What Makes Speak Different?

What Makes Speak Different?

The automated scoring provides speed, fairness, and affordability. Our linguistics experts make sure your grades are accurate and reliable.
You get the best of both worlds.

Innovations in Testing

Why is the Speak Assessment the right English testing solution for you?

Staff recruiters, call centers, corporations, and universities throughout the world are using the Speak Assessment because of its innovative approach to testing.

Meeting an International Standard

The Speak Assessment is the only test of spoken English proficiency aligned to the CEFR - the most widely recognized standard of language assessment. This means that the candidates you select will have language skills that you can rely on.


With Speak’s unique validation methods, you can be sure that the results show the test taker’s real abilities. We ensure that no one else is taking the test in the candidate’s place and that no other outside tools or assistance are used.


The test taker is assessed on the five most informative areas of language competence: Accuracy, Listening Comprehension, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Fluency.


The low cost of our test means that it can be used to assess a large pool of applicants at once.


Your applicants can take the test wherever and whenever you choose.


Our combination of technology and language assessment experts means that we are able to benefit from the best of both to make sure that your results are fair and unbiased.

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Technology and Linguistics

The Speak Assessment uses the finest, pioneering technology - and we're proud of it. We're equally proud of our linguistics team. Our technology team works hand in hand with our linguistics team to make sure that you get a test that smoothly integrates the benefits of language research and technology. Whilst there are some exams that are automatically graded, they can't accurately score natural language - the way you need your candidates to speak. Whilst there are some exams that test natural speech, they are time consuming and expensive. We use our integrated approach to ensure that you get a test that is accurate, fast and low cost.
The most important thing for you to know about the Speak Assessment: It works.

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Results You Can Trust

Speak makes sure that your scores are similar to those of more expensive tests. We check that results are consistent and fair. To learn more about the research that supports our exam, click below.