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The Test

10 minutes is all it takes for us to measure Spoken English skills.

The Test Structure

The assessment contains three sections which cover knowledge about language use, listening comprehension, and spoken English skills.

Spoken English Skills

The core of the assessment asks open-ended questions about a variety of topics. These questions measure pronunciation, vocabulary level, fluency and accuracy.


Fluency skills include features like flow and tempo. Speak’s formula highlights the user’s abilities and can quantify them in objective terms.


Speak’s in-house vocabulary grader allows a precise assessment of the test taker’s level of vocabulary usage. The test taker’s vocabulary is compared against lists of words most necessary for success at school and at work.


Speak evaluates the clarity of the user’s speech. By measuring stress, rhythm, and intonation, the test shows how clearly the speaker conveys the message.


Speak checks how many mistakes affect the candidate's ability to communicate.

Talking about special event

Listening Comprehension

Effective communication requires understanding. The test selects a listening task based on an estimated proficiency level and adapts based on correct and incorrect responses.

Language Knowledge

Effective writing depends on an ability to recognize correct English. Adaptive questions quickly estimate the level of the candidate. The questions get harder as the candidate gets them right, and easier when they get them wrong. This allows us to be very precise in a short amount of time.

The Testing Process

With all the information in one place, it's now easier than ever to keep track of your candidates.

The Scoring

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Test result

The Report

You receive a separate report for each candidate, detailing an overall score and a score from 1-6 for each of the individual skills, corresponding with the CEFR. The scores reflect specific strengths and weaknesses for each candidate.

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Results You Can Trust

Speak makes sure that your scores are similar to those of more expensive tests. We check that results are consistent and fair. To learn more about the research that supports our exam, click below.