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English Test

English Assessment in 10 minutes - Put us to the test.
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A breakthrough in spoken English evaluation.

The Speak Assessment is a highly-accurate test of spoken English abilities for job candidates and students. The test combines cutting-edge technology and expert linguistics research to give you a fair, accurate, and affordable spoken English assessment. With the Speak Assessment, you don't have to sacrifice quality for low cost.
Speak is the most effective test of spoken English today.

Aligned with an Internationally Recognized Standard:

Test scores must provide the right information for you to make the right decisions. Our alignment to the CEFR means that the scores you receive are much more than numbers. The report you receive provides clear insights into what your candidates can do in English, explained through levels that are instantly understood around the world.

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Fast and User-Friendly

Your candidates can take our test where and when you want, on any electronic device you choose. There is no need for special equipment. With the test lasting less than 10 minutes, it is easy for you to use as part of your screening process.

Multi-purpose Assessment to Suit Your Needs

Effective English communication is a key to both education and business. That's why we have designed our test to match both needs. Call centers, universities, and businesses are successfully using the Speak Assessment.

"Speak has helped us prepare our students to reach the standards for International English before they begin their careers."

Jonathan Sacho, Head of English Department
at The College of Management Academic Studies

"One thing we cannot compromise on is the English abilities of the organization. Speak provides us with a reliable and convenient solution to integrate English testing into our screening processes. For us, it is crucial for our employees to have an international standard of English"

Tali Rabin, Partner and Chief People Officer at JVP